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Peace, Love & Pie is closed. Please call us at (316) 796-5982 for your Pie needs. 

Dutch Apple

Strawberry Rhubarb

An important announcement and exciting news.

Please read this note from our team at Peace, Love & PIe.

& Pie.

This phrase has always meant much more to us than an anchor to our name.

It’s a promise of more. 

From the start of Peace, Love & Pie, we wanted to offer more than pie. To be a premier dessert shop that offered a variety of desserts, treats, beverages…and pie. 

We believe now is the time. For more. 

To do so, we are CLOSING our Peace, Love & Pie location at Naftzger Park.
And, we are INTRODUCING Bakesale Treat Parlor at Bradley Fair. 

Bakesale will be everything you loved about Pie & more. This treat shop and bakery will feature classic cookies, scoop cookies, stuffed cookies and more. Rice Krispy treats, brownies, bars and more. Cakes, loaves, muffins, baked goods and more. Ice cream, coffee, espresso, juices and more.

And, of course, pie.

Thank you, Wichita! We truly enjoy taking this journey with you. We are excited for this new way to serve you Pie…and more. 

–Your Friends at Peace, Love & Pie